Don’t forget your asthma inhaler when running!!

I have a spare 1 hour and 20 mins to fit in a run just before school pick up yesterday … I had my running gear on, sunglasses and water.  It was slightly windy and a little warm. I also had cold or man flu with a hint of hay fever. So knew I just wanted to run for over an hour .. I wasn’t going for speed or distance ..just time. 

Garmin watch started and I set off slowly .. and felt fine and knew the course I was going to run. I also knew I had forgotten something but couldn’t remember what… I had my phone, money, house keys  and water so I just kept running. 

Then it hit me 15 mins into the run… my inhaler for running .. hardly ever use it …only a couple of puffs normally but I had left in the car. Should I go back ..but then I wouldn’t be able to do the course I had planned. My breathing was ok… I decided to carry on and keep the pace slow. However my anxiety and stress levels increased. .. what if I needed the inhaler .. so I ran steady and slow. ..  I ran 10k in 74 minutes… it felt ok but I should of gone back to the car for the inhaler ..for peace of mind. 

Lesson learnt  .. check list – water, sunglasses if sunny, mobile, keys, money and Asthma INHALER. 


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