Ikea on a Saturday night!

I know how to live!  Ikea on a Saturday night! I even took the kids! Oh I did go to the cinema beforehand to watch Sing … loved the film! Then as we were leaving we decided on hotdogs and ice cream at ikea… yes we coukd have done hotdogs at the cinema but it’s cheaper at Ikea and we went shopping at Ikea. Not sure I would do tgat every Saturday night but as a one off .. it was fun! 

Making memories for the future!! 


Metafit. ..6 this week and counting!

Well hello 2017 .. a little late but getting there. ..

I have been eating healthily since 1st January. . My dry January turned into a semi dry one oops! 

And this week I have smashed 6 metafit sessions in 4 days and am feeling energetic  .. no leg aches. …  however a few aches between the shoulder blades and arms but that’s all.. a couple of rest days then back to metafit. 

This is me at metafit earlier this week. Need to jump a little higher I think! 😃 

Running –  I’ve registered for Park Run but haven’t been brave enough to run yet… think that’s next week project or even February!