It’s been a while since I ran…

It’s been a while. ….

I have discovered I am not a winter run… I don’t run well in rain, cold, snow and especially not wind.

I more or less gave up running from November 2014 until end of March 2015…

Actually gave up any type of exercise … and slowly saw myself struggling mentally and eventually physically.  I had to get through a number of firsts of widowhood….mine and the kids birthdays, Xmas,  1st anniversary on 1st March, and late hubby’s inquest in March too.

Therefore a plan was hatched in March 2015 …. I needed to run and enter races …I needed a goal or 5! 

Running started end of March – 1st race was Southampton 10k on 25 April, late hubby’s home town was Southampton so that’s why I choose that race as the 1st one.

Just over three weeks training…. I love challenges!  It wouldn’t be my fastest time (I ran 3 10k and 2 hm last year). I managed 10k practice runs with 1hr 8 mins and 1hr 6 mins with a week to go.

Race day I achieved 1hr 3 mins…. considering the lack of training I was pleased with that… Very emotional run but so glad I did it.

So my running days have been restarted and I am back on track with the future races … 2 x HM and 2 x 10k so far… or am I???? Time will tell…