Fathers Day without Daddy

The first Fathers Day without my husband was hard but we survived the day!

My 7yo said why dont we buy each other presents on Fathers Day and Daddy’s birthday….so we did!

My two children bought me a heart shaped cushion to hang on the door of Daddy’s Den, solar powered white and dragonfly garden lights which are beautiful! Also I had a Mothers Day card instead of a Fathers Day. They went on the shopping trip with Grandma to buy them all which I was so grateful of. They hid the presents in the house on Saturday night.

I bought them:  
– ‘I love Daddy’ mugs so each time they have a drink they can think of Daddy
– Balloons and ribbons for us to write messages and then float them up to heaven so Daddy can read them. We wrote the messages on Sunday but there was no wind so we had great fun playing with the balloons. I will buy a helium balloon this week and we will release it later.
– pads and pens to draw or write about our family or to make up stories.
– small pool table for the garage for fun times and also Daddy liked playing pool
– DVDs cos Daddy loved watching DVDs with us and eating pop corn

We spent the morning playing pool and watching DVDs, afternoon with family and early evening playing with the balloons.


When the day was finally over I had a glass of wine … a good shiraz …because we all more than survived the emotional day without Nigel.


End of week 5 & Father’s Day

End of week 5 to my 10km Run in Gateshead… and I’ve trained really hard this week. Three c.28 min and 2.7 miles runs Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and then a hard metafit session today Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be rest days…thankfully as I am strugglying with hayfever.

Fathers Day is fast approaching – the first without  my husband / Daddy. Charles aged 9 has made me a card but changed the words to Mother instead of Father.  My youngest Amy aged 7 came up with a great idea to celebrate Fathers Day. We all have to buy each other a present because we can’t give a present to Daddy. So simple. So tomorrow my children are going shopping with Grandma to buy present for me. I’ve already got a couple presents and cards for them. We will be with family during the afternoon so we still need to figure out what will happen in the morning.

Just need to get through this weekend….


Memory keepsake

After my husband’s Celebration of Life* church service in March,  I wanted a memento from the day. So on automatic pilot, I had organised for the three deep red roses taken into church to be made into paperweights. Three for my two children and I.

The paperweights arrived recently and I was amazed how well they looked.
However the photographer (that’s me!) wasn’t very good but you can see how they look.



I also have a glass paper weight from my wedding bouquet 16 years ago which holds so many happy memories.  Never did I think that 16 years later I would be using my husband’s funeral flowers for a paperweight…

We are unsure where they belong … so they are on the mantelpiece surrounded by photographs of all of us.  Once we change one of our rooms into Daddy’s Den,  I think we will place them in there along with the memory boxes, photos and drawings by the kids (and TV!).

* Celebration of Life – I felt it best to explain to my children it was a  Celebration of Life rather just a funeral service … and that was one the first of many things we have done to celebrate his life.. others have included simple things like cuddles, be nice to each other, a stay in a hotel with a swimming pool to a holiday in a caravan. However the next one will be Father’s Day this Sunday which will be hard for all of us.


5 weeks to the 10km

With less than 5 weeks to go to my 10k race, I managed a 28 minute run this morning … same route as last time so that’s just under 3 miles which included a couple of hills.

I have another 2 runs planned …. Tues and Thursday so far. Hoping I can squeeze another one in on Friday because I will struggle to run this weekend.

I will also need to look at the 1/2 marathon training later.

I am still waiting for my mobile armband case to be delivered so I will know the distance and time I am running which will help my training.  Did I mention it’s a pink case! Still using the old fashioned stop watch for timing … which works fine.

These are my running shoes when they were new last summer…they are not like that now!



Family fun & training schedules

FAMILY: Saturday’s are normally busy days for our family and today was no exception ….. play time together (that means no fighting!), homework, cinema trip, fun swimming and if possible a glass of wine for me at the end of the day…… !

The main event was the Amazing Spiderman 2 at the local cinema. The second viewing so far … with the third trip to Spiderman 2 planned in the near future. It’s going to be cheaper to buy the Amazing Spiderman 2 DVD but we have to wait until September for the UK release.

After a quick turnaround we headed to Bannatynes Gym  – the kids love it as it’s fun swimming sessions ie no lessons!  For me, it was a great relaxing (fun) swim which helped my aching legs which were a little stiff from Thursday’s run.  As a reward for being so good (that’s all of us),  the kids had a hot chocolate while I had a small glass of wine in the cafe.

FAMILY DISCUSSIONS: Now that Daddy is no longer here as he is heaven,  my kids advised me that I should not be the only Boss in our family. So a discussion was had by all. The result … Sometimes I can be the main boss but other times they want to be the boss as well…so it was agreed that on some occasions we could all make the decisions … and this was because …. they want their say in our next holiday or trip!

TRAINING: At the beginning of the day,  I received my Bupa 10km training t-shirt (very excited) and now at the end of the day,  I am planning when and where the next training sessions take place as it’s not long until the 10km in Gateshead on 13 July.

Hoping for a longer one on Thursday – 3 miles (that’s long for me!) and a couple of shorter ones one before and one after.

Might even manage a Metafit session as well.

Decisions, decisions! Do I buy a sports watch which does timing and distance or just a waterproof case for my mobile so I can use MapMyRun app. I think the latter for now. In the meantime I’ll use the old fashioned sport- watch that is just a stop watch!


Goals Galore!

Goals galore have been started this week!  I now have not one but two incentives (or challenges) in the form of races…..

Earlier this week I entered the Bupa Great North 10km which finishes at Gateshead Stadium on 13 July.  

Today, I completed a 28 minute run (approximately just under 3 miles apparently and there was a large hill to climb around half way – it felt more like a mountain!).  That was the first run outside (ie not on a treadmill in a nice cosy gym) in over 10 years! There was no rain or sunshine so that helped a lot and I also needed a friend to run with me as I didn’t think I could do a run without stopping… She kept me going and at the end of the run I felt exhausted but pleased I had finished it without a stop! 28 minutes of non stop running … hopefully the start of many!

My late husband, Nigel said I should run the Great North Run before I reached the grand old age of 50!  I still have a number of years before that deadline but I thought why wait? I should try and do it in 2014 to celebrate Nigel’s Life and for charity.  So I wrote to the Newcastle Journal earlier this week asking if I could take one of the last 100 places for the Great North Run in September and explained why I deserved a place …. and they said YES!!!! 

So I need to up my training a lot now…

For both runs I will be setting up another just giving page as I am running for Kidney Research UK in memory of Nigel. Think he would be speechless first – Nigel, a former journalist, was never lost for words! – and then very proud!

I’m taking the training challenge slowly at first but am now more focussed as I have less than 6 weeks to train for the 10km and 3 months for the Great North Run. 

My reward will be the odd large glass of Shiraz …..just maybe not at the finish line! 


BUPA North 10km challenge

I decided on 1 June 2014 to enter the Bupa North 10km Run finishing at Gateshead International Stadium on 13 July 2014. I felt I needed a goal to get back on track with my fitness or should I say kick-starting my fitness! 


Excited because of finishing at the stadium will be a great sense of achievement .. hoping I will finish it!

Nervous because I haven’t run outside for over 10 years! I have done the very odd treadmill run in a nice warm gym a few times but normally for only 10 mins…  My training hasn’t started yet … It starts on Friday so I will have just over 5 weeks to train. 

Another reason I am doing this 10km, is because it’s on my Bucketful Of Daddy’s Brilliant Ideas List… in memory of my late husband. The list is never ending… but so far we (including my children) have done so much to celebrate Daddy’s Life. It’s been hard but it’s one hurdle at a time. 

I have my trainers ready so wish me luck…  X 


Happy Memories ...

An evening walk on an isolated beach with the sun setting … so many happy memories of kids running and jumping in and out of the cold North Sea, eating ice creams and building sandcastles. Great times and experiences in life can be so simple.

Happy Memories …