I dreamt about running  …. that I was able to run! If only!

Not allowed to run yet.. consultant and physio said not too! 

So instead I have been dreaming about running ..in the rain, wind or the sun .. for 10 mins or an hour  and … it felt great! But it’s only a dream! 

Broken ankle recovery plan going ok… a little swimming and cycling,  a lot of exercises throughout the day … and not too much walking! Definitely no running. 

It’s going ok… ankle is a little swollen most days.. trying to keep the steps to around 4,500 but that’s hard as I keep creeping up to 5,500 steps every other day. Gone are the days of 10,000 to 12,000 steps per day. 😂😂 

Think I need to do more swimming .. then a spa 😃..may be!  

Family Easter Olympics went well ..couldn’t compete in the egg and spoon race but managed the Egg Jarping competition .. wasn’t in the top three but nor was I in the bottom three! 


My broken egg from the egg jarping competition.