So far so good on the sweet front. .just! But wine was a step too far! 

To participate in Lent …or not! 

I had such great plans for eating better in January. . Along with everyone else!

But I failed … so I thought I would restart my healthy eating during lent!

I’d give up chocolate. . And sweets .. then I thought may be I should be harsher!  

  • Chocolates 
  • Sweets 
  • Biscuits 
  • Cake 

That’s a good start… 

What about alcohol. .. could I be so strong. The alcohol ban lasted till 8pm o the 1st day of lent… a bridge too far! So goal posts would have to be changed no wine – only the odd gin and tonic allowed.

So no sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cake or wine and I feel better for it. 

Also I am eating healthier as well! 

Just need to add more excerise to the list .. but I will get there slowly.. got to really as I have entered a few races! 

Happy eating better 😃


Steps and counting. . .

My daughter has my old garmin watch … and she’s getting competitive! It’s great to see her comparing our watches..and trying to figure how she can increase her steps… apparently trampolining and swimming work on the count steps as well as running… I love her smiles and laughter when she beats me on the step front! 

On a lazy day she has beaten me again! 

I need to increase my game!