Run Run as long as you can!

Distance, Time or Speed..???

Time won this week ..  1 hour and 12 minutes of running .. in the rain… it felt great! However my daughter didn’t think so judging by her thumbs down in the photo!!


The bonus was I ran 6.65 miles!

The fustrating part was I didn’t know the distance until after I had finished cos I accidently changed my settings to speed!

More Metafit sessions done ..just hoping to get out and run tomorrow. ..


More runs .. more metafit = happy times..

Life is good!


It’s been quiet

Well it’s been quiet … trying to get back into some form of fitness after the winter off exercise…

Have been doing Metafit sessions for the last 10 weeks approximately 3 to 4 a week.  And it feels good to be back!  I lost 9 inches across my body in the first Fitness challenge month which I was pleased about. The next month challenge comes to an end next week.. hoping for another 3 to 4 inch loss.  I feel so much better!

Also I am back into running … thankfully! A few family races and the Blaydon Races 5.6 miles earlier this month … so training going ok… Managed 4 miles in 43 mins last Thursday. So now I need to concentrate on more running.

The running bug is back. .. even looking at more races … depending on childcare … South Shields 10 miles in August and Redcar Half in September..

Treated myself to a Run Mummy Run Skort and I love running in it.

You always need treats and rewards in life!

Been on Lambton family 3km run this am with the kids. 11 year old sprinted ahead while my 9 year old and I chatted along the way… 

Metafit this afternoon …. followed by cuddles from the kids.


Life is good.

Making fun memories. …