New winter gear bought …so no excuses!

My last 10k race on 4 October I discovered my summer running gear was a little cold for the beautiful surroundings of Kielder Forest…

So today I invested in a couple of items …leggings, 2 x snoods, gloves, ear warmer band, reflectors and socks all from Aldi. I’d read a review of their jackets and they said they were NOT breathable so I decided against buying the jacket and also I have a couple of lightweight breathable jackets any way…

The only thing I need is a hi vis waistcoat for the evening runs.

A bit naughty but I haven’t run since 4 October so I need to run … I have cold weather running gear now so I have no excuses ….

Think I also need to book another race soon … as I don’t want to give up on my running … just yet.  3 x 10k and 2 HM since 13 July 2014… may I need to look at a 10k race.

Got to keep on running… ☺


6 thoughts on “New winter gear bought …so no excuses!

  1. Good luck finding a ‘breathable’ running jacket. I’ve bought loads and after running 30 minutes in each one, i’m sweating buckets lol. I always end up taking it off and wrapping it round my waist. Great excuse to get out and running in the winter tho, my favourite time of year to run.

    • First time running in Autumn and Winter…. so I will let u know if I enjoy it later in the year! Jacket … I have two jackets already so thought I’d better not buy another one just yet!

    • Lol… I have a lucky particular pair of shorts lucky I bought 2 exactly the same colour and size but not brave enought to run in winter hence mad dash to Aldi! I have always ran in Asics trainers then I bought Brooks and always had a bad run each time I ran in them! The Brooks trainers are now expensive leisure and not running shoes!

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