No running but swimming …

October has not been a good month for running! 1 x 10k race and 2 little runs! Not good and boy do I feel it! Sluggish, no get up and go and mentally and emotionally all over the place!

I did manage to swim 5 days in a row during half term in a very cold outdoor swimming pool in Majorca…. and I can feel the aches in my tummy! So may do a few more swim sessions in November.

I also managed to be the main target in the kids water pistol fight! 7 kids against little old and very wet me. All the other Mums and Dads watched from their sun loungers as I got soaked… One Dad felt sorry for me and finally asked his 10 yo son to be on my side.  I smiled and thanked them before I was shot again by my 7 yo!

Afterwards I reflected … my late hubby would have loved it … he would have been the water fight target rather than me! I had been playing ‘Dad’ that afternoon and had a lot of fun so I will have to do that more often … ie playing Dad!

Back to running.. I need to start and do 1 or 2 runs per week starting this week. Hoping to go out Wednesday and Friday…. fingers crossed….