All you need is a good cuppa …and exercise, a good diet, fun, love and me-time! 

Boy oh boy can be tough!  

The last six months or so have been tough! All about everyone else and no real time for me! Sounds selfish but it’s not. 

I need desperately to recharge my batteries… but time is never on my side.. or so I think!. I put others first. Sounds familiar. .. it’s hard to concentrate on me! But I don’t a lot of me-time ..

It’s surprising how a little me time makes you feel so much better.. 

So a strong cuppa can make all the difference … I can sit and relax having a cup of tea and ponder how can I grab back some more me time. 

In no particular … 

1. Grab a coffee … either pre or post school run .. either take away, at home or in a cafe depending on time…

2. The leisurely walk back from school bus drop off is a relaxing 5 minute walk. Time to chill before the hectic day ahead. 

3. Coffee with the girls .. I love a coffee catch up…  laughter, hugs and a good feel factor. 

4. Get up early and run or exercise .. I am still mastering this as I am not a very early morning kind of girl! 

5. Stroke an animal … we have a ginger cat who sometimes loves me … sometimes not! 

6. Hairdressers – Love this .. a blow dry makes me feel good on the inside and out! 

7. A little gardening …. is so therapeutic.

8. Gym bunny … this is amazing … if I am at least semi fit…otherwise it’s hell first then amazing!  

9. Walking hand in hand with a loved one! My favourite kind of me time! 

10. Read a book … often. My daughter is somehow managing to read about 10 books at the same time! I would settle for just one good book to read without interruption! 

11. Taking a relaxing hot bubble bath … with no one coming into the bathroom to say mum where is ..? 

12 . Writing a diary … in the holidays I write a diary so we, as a family, can look back and remember the wonderful as well as ordinary things we got up to! 

So 1st of October I am going to try and have more me time …

Happy Me Time…