Who knew I had tummy muscles?

Have been working my butt off in Metafit (and running) since mid April …  

Metafit never gets easier … because as you get fitter you try even harder and push yourself to your limit and beyond! More sweat and near to tears!! And for only 20 to 30 minutes per session. 

Over the weeks, I have become more toned and lost inches around my body. Energy levels are up, better sleep and a better diet … not perfect just better ..I am realistic! 

Last Friday’s Metafit was no different .. or so I thought! Always trying harder and making sure the technique gets better.   However come Saturday and Sunday my tummy muscles ached .. not just a little! :D:D:D

My hard work is beginning to pay off.. 

Life is good…loving life!

More metafit, running and a whole load of fun needed for the summer months! 


Don’t forget your asthma inhaler when running!!

I have a spare 1 hour and 20 mins to fit in a run just before school pick up yesterday … I had my running gear on, sunglasses and water.  It was slightly windy and a little warm. I also had cold or man flu with a hint of hay fever. So knew I just wanted to run for over an hour .. I wasn’t going for speed or distance ..just time. 

Garmin watch started and I set off slowly .. and felt fine and knew the course I was going to run. I also knew I had forgotten something but couldn’t remember what… I had my phone, money, house keys  and water so I just kept running. 

Then it hit me 15 mins into the run… my inhaler for running .. hardly ever use it …only a couple of puffs normally but I had left in the car. Should I go back ..but then I wouldn’t be able to do the course I had planned. My breathing was ok… I decided to carry on and keep the pace slow. However my anxiety and stress levels increased. .. what if I needed the inhaler .. so I ran steady and slow. ..  I ran 10k in 74 minutes… it felt ok but I should of gone back to the car for the inhaler ..for peace of mind. 

Lesson learnt  .. check list – water, sunglasses if sunny, mobile, keys, money and Asthma INHALER. 


Failure is not an option – goalposts will be moved!

All week I had hoped to run my first park run this morning… Park Run is happening now and I am still at home! Failed or did I?

Prepare work was done … I managed to take my kids on 3 fun runs for the last 3 weeks ..  1 x 3km colour run, 1 x 3km run and 1 mini muddier run and they loved it! So a 5 km would be a little further for them but should of been  fine.

I knew last night I wouldn’t be going as I hadn’t registered the kids and no bar codes were printed. But the real reason we weren’t going, was …we all needed a leisurely morning.

It’s been a tough week, C has been going to his new school and has been working hard for his school play after school and A had been upset about missing Daddy (he died 2 years ago). 

So the goalposts had to be changed …

No park run today
A leisurely Saturday morning
Me going to Metafit tomorrow and taking kids with me
Me a long run during the week
The weekend full of making fun memories ..may be a walk in the woods .. who knows!

So no failure here!

Life is good. . Making fun memories … Loving life x



Measurements galore !!

Second month fitness and healthy food challenge completed… a little slower in the measurement loss than last month but I am much fitter!

June 2016
4 1/2 inches across body
1.8kg in weight
Body fat down by 0.3
Bmi down by 0.5

Total over 2 months (May and June)
13 3/4 inches across body
2.6 kg kg in weight
Body fat down by 1.0
Bmi down by 0.9

Nearly forgot I had two arms and legs when measurements were taken!

So happy with progress! I am going to reduce the metafit to 3 times a week and add more runs to my programme.

Feeling happy…feeling fitter…. loving life! X