Who knew I had tummy muscles?

Have been working my butt off in Metafit (and running) since mid April …  

Metafit never gets easier … because as you get fitter you try even harder and push yourself to your limit and beyond! More sweat and near to tears!! And for only 20 to 30 minutes per session. 

Over the weeks, I have become more toned and lost inches around my body. Energy levels are up, better sleep and a better diet … not perfect just better ..I am realistic! 

Last Friday’s Metafit was no different .. or so I thought! Always trying harder and making sure the technique gets better.   However come Saturday and Sunday my tummy muscles ached .. not just a little! :D:D:D

My hard work is beginning to pay off.. 

Life is good…loving life!

More metafit, running and a whole load of fun needed for the summer months! 


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