Happy places

We all have a happy place or two ..

Mine is the seaside in the Autumn or Spring …. when there aren’t many people on the beach, you have to wrap up warm, hat, gloves, and a scarf … and if there is a coffee and cake afterwards even better!

What’s your favourite place?


It’s been a while …

It’s been a while since I last posted… life has been good and tough at the same times ….  you have to just get on with your life and all the uphill struggles but I so love the ups.  It’s the little things that I get so much enjoyment out of … hot chocolate with whipped cream .. everyone needs their little luxuries!  A dog walk .. watch a mad Labrador jump in and out of muddy puddles and streams.  I admire his energy! He runs free,  in an out of the puddles and comes back to me and shakes all the water off him splashing me in the process.  This brings me joy!

I’m surviving and thriving most of the time and when it get’s too much .. I have hot chocolate, wrapping my hands around the hot mug, smelling the chocolate and tasting the sweetness … remembering good times.  Battery recharged and ready for the next adventure in life whether it be big or small.

Love life, you only get one life – make the most of every day.


6+ months since I broke my ankle

… and I am back in training … sort of!! Physio said go for it … sensible is my middle name. 😉

Fitness restarted 6 weeks ago 

40 second runs .. then 2 mins .. then 5 min runs .. very slow but steady .. the running technique is poor but who cares. . It’s slow but amazing! 

Have rejoined my running club… up to 25 mins continous very slow runs …finished skinny pig and metafit sessions. .. exercises had to be adapted, confidence is being built .. strengthening muscles … stamina increased…  I feel alive again. It’s all positive. The mobility is still not there but time will tell.

Running club .. i was the hare equivalent running out in front of the rest of the runners and they had to catch me and overtake me… they did as I was more like a tortoise instead! I didn’t care as I plodded along the running track! 

I even managed a 3km family race last weekend .. I finished .. I didn’t come last .. the kids finished in front of me …I cried at the end😃  

Hoping for a 5km park run soon… 

Physio and consultant appointments later this week…. 😬😃 

Hoping for more running ..fitness .. increased stamina … a tonned body .. more energy.. 

Happy fitness …


I dreamt about running  …. that I was able to run! If only!

Not allowed to run yet.. consultant and physio said not too! 

So instead I have been dreaming about running ..in the rain, wind or the sun .. for 10 mins or an hour  and … it felt great! But it’s only a dream! 

Broken ankle recovery plan going ok… a little swimming and cycling,  a lot of exercises throughout the day … and not too much walking! Definitely no running. 

It’s going ok… ankle is a little swollen most days.. trying to keep the steps to around 4,500 but that’s hard as I keep creeping up to 5,500 steps every other day. Gone are the days of 10,000 to 12,000 steps per day. 😂😂 

Think I need to do more swimming .. then a spa 😃..may be!  

Family Easter Olympics went well ..couldn’t compete in the egg and spoon race but managed the Egg Jarping competition .. wasn’t in the top three but nor was I in the bottom three! 


My broken egg from the egg jarping competition. 


I am strong … I am also scared …And that is ok. 

This week I have a date with the hospital …hoping the  partial weight bearing left leg will be full weight bearing. I broke my ankle in December and the  past 3 months have been …challengeing!  

I have been patient and done plenty of exercises. 

However I am scared because .. what if I put too much weight on it.. did too many or too little of the said exercises, not rested enough!! My leg aches but that’s ok… 

Wishing my life away this week..  well till Thursday 😃😉 

Not long now… hoping I can drive after Thursday too! 

Fingers crossed …


A step (partial weight bearing) in the right direction! 😃

The red pot was taken off earlier this week …

..and now I have a black moon boot! 

So happy things are progressing in the right direction. Waiting for the physio to give me recuperateing exercises. In the meantime the doctor gave me one exercise to try, plus a little partial weight bearing walk and when I feel up to it swimming. 

Partial weight bearing too.  😃

I can now enjoy a long relaxing bath ..with both legs in the water …😃😃 

The first day with my moon boot, I felt ..

Relieved … the pot was off 

Scarred /apprehensive .. that the pot was off.. how would I manage with the moon boot .. whether I would damage my ankle…don’t do too much too quickly 

Surreal .. can’t believe progress being made. 

A tad excited. .. progress being made! 

Lucky .. I am going forward and not backwards 

Need to be patient. .. it’s a long recovery! 

Running worry   … I am still hopeful that I will run in future.. it’s going to be a longer recovery than I originally thought but that’s ok. 

Omg moment .. I can I have a long bath … with both legs in the water! My left ankle looks so different to the other one.

Focus on the positives … Still can’t do things I want to do but that would be too negative .. so be thankful for the wonders of the NHS and small miracles.. 

4th day in the moon boot… still all the above plus omg the dried skin on my leg!! 

My broken ankle is on the mend … building up the mobility and strength very slowly. 

Happy Sunday x 


Got through today.. phew

.. I got through today .. just. 

Woke up feel tired, sad and fustrated … so opted for coffee and a bagel. … and then it got better. 

A friend popped in for a coffee, then another friend took my son and I to his youth club and back.

Tea at home ..chatting round the table finding out however everyone’s day was. Love family time. .just chilling. 

Little postives ..made my not so good day turn out better. 

Pot Leg fustration 1 vs Postive day 2 or 3! 

Not long to my next hospital appt .. hoping for a moon boot.  

Photo … A happy Cheshire Cat makes me smile. 😃


Looking at running shoes may not be the best option ..now!

I fantasise about running shoes … I have about 5 .. only 2 I really like! 

I am going to treat myself to another pair of running shoes… when I can ..walk on two legs!

I need an incentive and a reward! Having a broken ankle is hard.. today is going to be a hard day not sure why ..but I woke up feeling I have lost my motivation. My positive feeling has gone… but that’s ok… cos I know it will come back later with my Mrs Postive hat on..
But may be I think I will save the web search for colourful Asics GT2000 shoes in a large size till after my plaster/pot is off and the moon boot is on.. 

So for now coffee and a toasted bagel will do… it’s cheaper for one! 😂😂😂 


Happiness is …

I am reflecting a lot … I have a lot of time on my hands.   Being housebound with a pot leg!😃 simple things make me happy and keep me more positive. 

Happiness is ..

1. Your children being able to run when you can’t. 😃😃😃

2. A smile from a loved one. 😃😃

3. A hug from a loved one. 😃😃

4. The smell of a clean house. 😃

5. Listening to your children telling you about their school day. 😃😃

6. Listening to music. 😃

7. Making a to do list and ticking it off slowly or fast as long as it is being done. 😃

8. Realistic goals …and moving the goal posts so they can met. 😃😃 

9. Making a negative into a positive.. very tricky to achieve. 😃

10. Being thankful … of small every day things you use to take for granted eg walking and driving ..😃😃
Photo below … memory bears made out of my late husband’s shirts for my children. The joy on their faces was wonderful to see when they received them. That made me happy (with a little sadness).


Diary of a pot leg … A great start & end to the week

Monday …Downstairs was dusted, cleaned and decluttered yesterday… within hours of my new clean decluttered surroundings I felt so great .. on a high .. happy .. smug even .. mentally alert .. had more energy ..all because my surroundings were clear.  It’s the simple things that gives you a buzz!! 

My new cleaners were superheroes to me … they carried linen upstairs for me changed beds. . Did the bins .. cleaned ..chatted..  they made me feel awesome. 

Pot leg still on … I broke my step record too this week too with all the times I went up and downstairs. I was taken out for lunch … on crutches and when I came back to the house … it felt great coming into a tidy house. .. it lifted my mood immediately. 

Postives / Achieved / Organised / Lessons learnt 

1. Clearers cleaned my house ..wow! 

2. Boiler man fixed boiler …

3. Carpets being professional cleaned .. I spilt tea on them when I thought I was super woman on crutches. 

4. Online grocery shop has been done .. getting better at ordering the correct sizes !!

5. Friends visited … one friend asked what I needed … bleach was my response… so pleased with my present of bleach…lol. Other friends bought Gin! Survived an outing to the flicks  ..a little too tiring…

6. Leg exercises went well.  

7. Tummy exercises went ok ..ish 

8. It’s up and down ..mainly with ‘cabin fever’ now but thats ok…. I am in no rush .. my leg will be ready when it’s ready.. not driving is so hard. 

9. Handyman helped put things into the skip ..bed frame, trampoline and moved a bookcase. 

10. I did too much…  exhausted… need to pace myself more. 

Sunday … reflecting .. resting. .. recharging for another week.. mentally and physically. 

Photo below .. 

Reward of the week .. friends helped me sample Ink Dry Gin which changed colour from blue to purple when tonic was added. Cheers! 

Pot Leg and I are winning… just! 😃