Happy places

We all have a happy place or two ..

Mine is the seaside in the Autumn or Spring …. when there aren’t many people on the beach, you have to wrap up warm, hat, gloves, and a scarf … and if there is a coffee and cake afterwards even better!

What’s your favourite place?


It’s been a while …

It’s been a while since I last posted… life has been good and tough at the same times ….  you have to just get on with your life and all the uphill struggles but I so love the ups.  It’s the little things that I get so much enjoyment out of … hot chocolate with whipped cream .. everyone needs their little luxuries!  A dog walk .. watch a mad Labrador jump in and out of muddy puddles and streams.  I admire his energy! He runs free,  in an out of the puddles and comes back to me and shakes all the water off him splashing me in the process.  This brings me joy!

I’m surviving and thriving most of the time and when it get’s too much .. I have hot chocolate, wrapping my hands around the hot mug, smelling the chocolate and tasting the sweetness … remembering good times.  Battery recharged and ready for the next adventure in life whether it be big or small.

Love life, you only get one life – make the most of every day.