Lessons learnt… !

It’s been over two years since my world changed forever … I became a widow! 1st March 2013.
The first few weeks and months now seem a blur to me .. I  was on automatic pilot to get through each day.

I discovered running 3 months into my new life.  Initially I was running for my hubby, then the kids and finally me. However I soon realised I was running for me first … to be fitter … to sleep better … to eat better … to have more energy  … to feel alive … to give me strength to get through each day and then week by week and month by month. I needed that feeling and mental strength back.

In 2014 I ran and ran. I loved all of it, the training and the races… 10k after 10k and two half marathons later.  In 2015 the motivation to get out and run was harder but I still managed races … 2 Half marathons and the odd 10k and family races … all raising money for Kidney Research UK.

2016 … I am still running but I was a late starter this year! The motivation really stopped November 2015.  I can see a pattern. I don’t like and can’t do winter running! So I need to be easy on myself.

I needed a plan.

Phase 1 – I entered the Great North Run for the 3rd year running and a few other races so I have lots of goals.

Phase 2 – started end of April ..I’ve been eating healthier and restarted metafit classes ..and felt better for it!

Phase 3 – Mid May … small runs completed then I built up to longer runs over time. Blaydon Race 9th June 5.6 miles finished .. I felt good .. it was slow but I felt good. This week I ran 6.65 miles in 72 mins and that felt awesome! The running bug is back! I now need to find more interesting running routes!

Phase 4 – so important ..Treats and rewards needed for motivation. The odd new running gear!

Lessons learnt …
1. Be easy on yourself and make it fun!
2. Baby steps are best.
3. Achievable goals and change them if needed.
4. Rewards and incentives no matter how old you are… are always needed!

Loving life… having fun… never give up just change the goalposts and keep trying!  X