Failure is not an option – goalposts will be moved!

All week I had hoped to run my first park run this morning… Park Run is happening now and I am still at home! Failed or did I?

Prepare work was done … I managed to take my kids on 3 fun runs for the last 3 weeks ..  1 x 3km colour run, 1 x 3km run and 1 mini muddier run and they loved it! So a 5 km would be a little further for them but should of been  fine.

I knew last night I wouldn’t be going as I hadn’t registered the kids and no bar codes were printed. But the real reason we weren’t going, was …we all needed a leisurely morning.

It’s been a tough week, C has been going to his new school and has been working hard for his school play after school and A had been upset about missing Daddy (he died 2 years ago). 

So the goalposts had to be changed …

No park run today
A leisurely Saturday morning
Me going to Metafit tomorrow and taking kids with me
Me a long run during the week
The weekend full of making fun memories ..may be a walk in the woods .. who knows!

So no failure here!

Life is good. . Making fun memories … Loving life x



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