To use a treadmill …or not?

Over the summer months, I have debated  to buy a treadmill or not.

The answer has always been …NO get out and run in the fresh air whether it is dry, wet or cold! The peace and quiet of my own thoughts racing around in my head, heavy breathing when I was unfit, the thud of my heavy footsteps to eventually listening to my surroundings…. I loved it as it’s my therapy! No music for me!

Then the later holidays came and I struggled to run outside due to childcare. School restarted, kids’ school bug sickness came and went, and I am strugglying to fit my running in ….

So when a friend was selling a treadmill …I changed my mind. Surely it is better to run on a treadmill in the garage in the winter months  rather not to run at all as I’m finding it hard to run with dark nights and i have difficulty finding childcare …and I’m exhausted.

Childcare is now an issue as my husband died in March. I am surviving and strugglying at the same time and the running is important to me… if I stop running, I think I will crumble and I don’t want that to happen.

My running is ok and I hope to run tonight once the kids are in bed….. How is your running going?

And I hope you are living life to the full …I am trying to …now!


Another Half Marathon, Another 10k

A few days after the Great North Run, I felt a huge downer… I’d completed 2 x 10k and the Great North Run Half Marathon – the goals I’d set for myself for me, my late husband and my children back in June and now there was is focus or goal to keep me going. I could see me drifting, drifting into a deep down spiral of no order, no functioning …  bearly existing!
So I find myself entering two races in the near future … a half marathon 28 September and a 10k on 4 October. I still have to figure out long term goals but I think they will be decided after the next two races…

Got to run, go to live life to the full …

How is your running going?


First recovery run after the half marathon

How on earth did I run a half marathon last weekend …  I have no idea!!!

My first recovery run after the HM was Wednesday. I started slowly I always do… granted it was warm. I looked at my watch and it read 8 minutes and I was strugglying so I took the pace down even further. Just over 10 mins for the first mile. I could not give up – I’d ran for 2 hrs 17 mins last Sunday in the Great North Run! In my head I was saying slow run slow but keep going… my legs felt heavy.

Once I ran past 15 minutes I felt better. In the end I managed 6 miles in 1 hr 3 minutes slowest time for 6 miles but at least I’d ran. Not sure when my next training run will be but I have a 10k on 4 October and possibly another HM end of the month depending upon my next run.  I have to have a goal or two …otherwise I might stop and I don’t want to stop running just yet!


Half Marathon completed!

Great North Run completed 7 September 2014.

My first half marathon and it won’t be my last!

On a hot sunny day I did it in 2 hrs 17 minutes! A had a few sleepless nights before and a few tears during the race but I am so pleased I did it for me, my children, my late husband and for Kidney Research UK.

The day before my children did the Great North Mini (1.5km) and Junior (4km) runs. All in memory of Daddy/my husband, Nigel who died on 1 March 2014. 


It was an emotional weekend but we all loved it.

If anyone wants to donate a £1 or 2 to Kidney Research UK, my page is

I’m hoping to raise £1,650 to celebrate 16.5 years of marriage.

Ps selfie at finish is not great but it is at the finish and I was still standing just!


A new goal/run is needed. I already have a 10k booked on 4 October but I’m also looking for another half marathon.