A step (partial weight bearing) in the right direction! 😃

The red pot was taken off earlier this week …

..and now I have a black moon boot! 

So happy things are progressing in the right direction. Waiting for the physio to give me recuperateing exercises. In the meantime the doctor gave me one exercise to try, plus a little partial weight bearing walk and when I feel up to it swimming. 

Partial weight bearing too.  😃

I can now enjoy a long relaxing bath ..with both legs in the water …😃😃 

The first day with my moon boot, I felt ..

Relieved … the pot was off 

Scarred /apprehensive .. that the pot was off.. how would I manage with the moon boot .. whether I would damage my ankle…don’t do too much too quickly 

Surreal .. can’t believe progress being made. 

A tad excited. .. progress being made! 

Lucky .. I am going forward and not backwards 

Need to be patient. .. it’s a long recovery! 

Running worry   … I am still hopeful that I will run in future.. it’s going to be a longer recovery than I originally thought but that’s ok. 

Omg moment .. I can I have a long bath … with both legs in the water! My left ankle looks so different to the other one.

Focus on the positives … Still can’t do things I want to do but that would be too negative .. so be thankful for the wonders of the NHS and small miracles.. 

4th day in the moon boot… still all the above plus omg the dried skin on my leg!! 

My broken ankle is on the mend … building up the mobility and strength very slowly. 

Happy Sunday x