Running has been on hold for a day or 2

Last Sunday I hurt my neck …carrying a  heavy shopping on my shoulder believe it or not … I’ve had one physio session yesterday and I feel much better already. Another appointment is later today as it’s still not right. I want to run but I know I shouldn’t. I’m been trying to rest, eat and sleep well over the last few days but I have been a little stressed  and if I’m honest rather emotional too!

Late hubby’s 5th month anniversary is 1 August and each month I know I get emotional reflexing on the life I could have lead and should gave lead with Nigel. So each first of each month, I need to draw on my inner strength to survive and build a new life with my two children without Nigel by my side. That inner strength has come from running hence why it is so important for me to run … to recharge my batteries, to feel alive and switch off from the outside world and live in the moment!

So that is why I want to run but I know I have go wait a little longer for my next run until my next neck is better. Until then I have go sleep, eat and rest well!


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