6+ months since I broke my ankle

… and I am back in training … sort of!! Physio said go for it … sensible is my middle name. πŸ˜‰

Fitness restarted 6 weeks ago 

40 second runs .. then 2 mins .. then 5 min runs .. very slow but steady .. the running technique is poor but who cares. . It’s slow but amazing! 

Have rejoined my running club… up to 25 mins continous very slow runs …finished skinny pig and metafit sessions. .. exercises had to be adapted, confidence is being built .. strengthening muscles … stamina increased…  I feel alive again. It’s all positive. The mobility is still not there but time will tell.

Running club .. i was the hare equivalent running out in front of the rest of the runners and they had to catch me and overtake me… they did as I was more like a tortoise instead! I didn’t care as I plodded along the running track! 

I even managed a 3km family race last weekend .. I finished .. I didn’t come last .. the kids finished in front of me …I cried at the endπŸ˜ƒ  

Hoping for a 5km park run soon… 

Physio and consultant appointments later this week…. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ƒ 

Hoping for more running ..fitness .. increased stamina … a tonned body .. more energy.. 

Happy fitness …


Running has been on hold for a day or 2

Last Sunday I hurt my neck …carrying a  heavy shopping on my shoulder believe it or not … I’ve had one physio session yesterday and I feel much better already. Another appointment is later today as it’s still not right. I want to run but I know I shouldn’t. I’m been trying to rest, eat and sleep well over the last few days but I have been a little stressed  and if I’m honest rather emotional too!

Late hubby’s 5th month anniversary is 1 August and each month I know I get emotional reflexing on the life I could have lead and should gave lead with Nigel. So each first of each month, I need to draw on my inner strength to survive and build a new life with my two children without Nigel by my side. That inner strength has come from running hence why it is so important for me to run … to recharge my batteries, to feel alive and switch off from the outside world and live in the moment!

So that is why I want to run but I know I have go wait a little longer for my next run until my next neck is better. Until then I have go sleep, eat and rest well!