From good to bad …to good?!

Saturday – 8pm and I could not wait!  I had decided to go for a run that night instead of Sunday so the kids were taken to the Grandparents (yet another little reminder that you are a widow as your late husband could have looked after the kids while you ran!).

At 8.30pm, I ran 6.03 miles in 57:52. At the beginning, I felt a little nervous as I had forgotten to take my water bottle! I always took my water bottle no matter what! How would I cope? Then I calmly talked to myself (in my head!).. I did not need water on this run!!

Afterwards I felt great that I had run a new route with a couple of hills thrown in on Saturday but slightly disappointed it wasn’t longer and the kids were put to bed very late…! Hopefully the late night would not matter?!?!

Sunday – At 10.15 am, my daughter stated that we were meant to be going to McDonald’s for breakfast. Breakfast finishes at 10.30am and McDonald’s is 10-12 mins away. It was going to be tight! We arrived at McDonald’s in the queue by 10.30am just and I went to the counter smiled sweetly and asked for 2 pancakes. ‘Sorry you are too late but we have a sausage muffin left’ was the reply from the lady but alas my kids wanted pancakes…

My fault we got there too late and the kids were tired from a late night! However the kids had a meltdown…. so we went to buy loom bands instead! The first two shops had run out! The third shop had the wrong colours apparently. The fourth shop had the right colours!

So with old and new bands in tow, we returned to McDonald’s for Happy Meals an hour later… that was the bribe for no McDonald’s pancakes!   It was bliss… kids happily eating and playing with the loom bands then my daughter wasn’t happy, she didn’t want chicken nuggets. ‘Don’t be silly’ was my reply. ‘I ordered fish fingers for you.’   As I looked into her bag, I saw chicken nuggets. So off to the service point I went and the lady said,  ‘You were wanting fish fingers…here you go’ without me even saying anything! She knew the wrong order had been given but didn’t come and find me! So glad I hadn’t gone through the drive-through otherwise we would have been home before we discovered their error and another meltdown would have happened!

Then as I carried the shopping home (we bought more than just loom bands!), I put the bag over my shoulder and immediately felt my shoulder and neck tighten! Ouch! As the day has continued, my shoulder and neck have been getting worse. I had hoped to do another run on Monday but I think a rest day is needed and possible treatment for my shoulder!

So my positive thoughts for this week are:

Got to get better.
Got to keep running.
Got to increase the distance, the hill  training and the speed.
Have to give my all!

The reason why? I’m running for Nigel (late hubby) to celebrate his love of life and sport …and also for Kidney Research UK.

My training started 5 June 2014

Completed race so far was on 13 July a 10k in Gateshead. The time was 59:51!

My next races:
– 10k on 16 August Gateshead
– Half Marathon Great North Run on 7 September.


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