I am struggling …

I am struggling with a lot at the moment. I don’t think the hot weather helps but I am loving the sunny days!

Today I seem to be a half empty glass rather than a glass half full kind of girl! It’s ok to have the odd day like this.

I blame it on not running! I ran on Tuesday but haven’t been able to run since due to time and childcare. Hopefully I will run tomorrow and things will change.

The kids are playing inside happily… no tv, no ipads …just old fashioned play and loving it. I had suggested to play outside but they said, “It’s too hot! Can’t we play inside!” So inside it is! However I am outside with a cup of tea and on my mobile listening to Cold Play in the background and enjoying the moment.

I think a visit to the swimming pool late afternoon with the kids or may be the park otherwise we will drift and not go out.

We still have to use the new paddling pool. I was going to throw the old one out but the kids want to keep it..the old with one ring out of 3 working ie  2 rings seem to have a few puncture  holes!

It’s hard not to reflect… my late husband, Nigel, would have loved the summer. He would have been cycling around the North East, having action packed, fun and lazy family days as well as the odd evening out together kids free! We will have those days but unfortunately not with Nigel here but only in our thoughts…..

Life goes on and having finished my tea I realise that another load of washing needs to be put on the washing line to dry.. this will be my 4 load today!

What a normal life I lead!

Here’s looking forward to my next long run!


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