All things fun!

I finally bought the trampoline for the kids … A few days late!  I said I would buy it for the school holidays and the kids broke up last week.

Now all I have to do is put the trampoline up which could be tricky. It’s a two man job or so says the instruction manual!

I also bought a paddling pool as well so I’m hoping the kids will play with that while I get help from someone to put it up.  So as long as the warm weather stays,  we will be having family fun in the sun.

I seem to be spending alot of money on the kids but that’s to be expected I suppose. My husband died 1 March 2014 and in the first few weeks after his death,  I promised them a trampoline for the summer holidays as well as more gifts every  so often. I now realise that for the first few months, I was on auto pilot and further down the line I have more time to think, dwell and reflect on what has happened. Or what could have been.

So before I feel at a new low, I now need to plan my next running session as I know that will give me strength to get through another day or week.


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