Bucket list of Daddy’s brilliant ideas

We have not looked at Daddy’s bucket list of brilliant ideas and fun activities  for a while but I think it’s time to re-look at them to make sure we are on target. However there is no time limit – and from time to time we add more things to it.

It’s been nearly 5 months since my husband, Nigel died.  Sometimes it is so raw that I feel it was only yesterday when he died peacefully in his sleep. Other times it feels as though it was a life time ago…somebody’s else life time not mine.

Some of them we do each day … cuddles, look after each other, be nice, try your best at school, help each other. Others over the weeks go on walks, swim, parks, bike rides, draw, watch DVDs and play games. 

One of mine was to look after me .. the kids give me more cuddles and when I cry they wipe away my tears and say don’t worry Daddy will be in our hearts and brains forever…. I am looking after myself by running.  It’s my ‘me time’ where I totally switch off. I listen to my heart beating, my breathing, the outside sounds of traffic, dogs barking and I feel great. I don’t have to concentrate on the worries of my new widowed life and I forget what’s happening in the real world.  I’m running my first 10k race on Sunday in my husband’s memory for his love of Life and Sport for Kidney Research UK. I know Nigel would have been so proud ….


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