Lack of Concentration due to sleep

The children are in bed early for the first time in weeks. I am sitting on the sofa with a decaf tea contemplating what I do next…The house is quiet, the distance sound of the fish tank can be heard which is very soothing! I grab my mobile and start to type. I know I’m tired but as I sit looking at the toys on the living room floor I realise I could:

1. Tidy up -it’s never ending
2. File ..there is so much filing to do because of my husband’s death, signatures needed, bills to be paid etc
3. Put another load of clothes in the washing machine
4. Make sure my running kit is ready for Sunday’s 10k race.
5. To relax and watch telly.
6. To do an online shop because the cupboards are empty ..nearly but not quite.

But I choose to do none of the above as I near the end of my tea and 10pm is fast approaching..

Instead I am finishing this entry and realise I have had a long week. I need my bed. So I choose to sleep.

Sweet dreams. Night night.


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