Measurements galore !!

Second month fitness and healthy food challenge completed… a little slower in the measurement loss than last month but I am much fitter!

June 2016
4 1/2 inches across body
1.8kg in weight
Body fat down by 0.3
Bmi down by 0.5

Total over 2 months (May and June)
13 3/4 inches across body
2.6 kg kg in weight
Body fat down by 1.0
Bmi down by 0.9

Nearly forgot I had two arms and legs when measurements were taken!

So happy with progress! I am going to reduce the metafit to 3 times a week and add more runs to my programme.

Feeling happy…feeling fitter…. loving life! X



It’s been a while since I ran…

It’s been a while. ….

I have discovered I am not a winter run… I don’t run well in rain, cold, snow and especially not wind.

I more or less gave up running from November 2014 until end of March 2015…

Actually gave up any type of exercise … and slowly saw myself struggling mentally and eventually physically.  I had to get through a number of firsts of widowhood….mine and the kids birthdays, Xmas,  1st anniversary on 1st March, and late hubby’s inquest in March too.

Therefore a plan was hatched in March 2015 …. I needed to run and enter races …I needed a goal or 5! 

Running started end of March – 1st race was Southampton 10k on 25 April, late hubby’s home town was Southampton so that’s why I choose that race as the 1st one.

Just over three weeks training…. I love challenges!  It wouldn’t be my fastest time (I ran 3 10k and 2 hm last year). I managed 10k practice runs with 1hr 8 mins and 1hr 6 mins with a week to go.

Race day I achieved 1hr 3 mins…. considering the lack of training I was pleased with that… Very emotional run but so glad I did it.

So my running days have been restarted and I am back on track with the future races … 2 x HM and 2 x 10k so far… or am I???? Time will tell…



Kielder 10k Race Day on a cold and wet day?

Sat 4 October – Race Day

…I woke to the sound of rain – heavy rain and my heart sunk! It was race day at Kielder Forest and the weather forecast was rain, rain and more rain!

I slowly dragged myself out of bed, and woke the kids. ‘Your mad Mummy is running today and you’re going to Grandma’s house’ I said over cheerily trying to convince myself this was a good idea!

I half thought about not going then I remember I’m running for me, my late husband Nigelwho died 1.3.14  and Kidney Research UK and ….  I’d also wrote on facebook I was running the Kielder 10k so no backing out of it.

Note to self winter running gear as I have mainly vests and shorts and the weather is changing for the worse!

I dropped the kids off and then my 2 fellow runners collected me and we were on our way to Kielder Forest …. via McDonald’s for porridge!

Traveling nearly two hours on small narrow and hilly roads for a c.1hour 10k race  seemed a little OTT especially as I developed travel sickness along the way!

When we arrived, the countryside and the views were breath taking and it had stopped raining – always a bonus and the sun was out!

I bumped into friends and chatted and was jealous as they had a pass out – they were staying over night post race in a pub and having a few drinks! Why hadn’t we thought of that? May be next time?  We’ve had a pass out the night before for the Redcar Half Marathon the week before but you can’t drink the night before the race (or you shouldn’t!).

The start of the race was delayed slightly but thatbjust added to the atmosphire….. and then we were off on a beautiful scenic but hilly route.

We are three ladies who try and run together in races and we did for most of the race.

I started to feel the pain at 6.5 km and ran about 200 -300 yards behind them always keeping them in my sight. I’d play a game in my mind of slowly trying to catch them up ie when a runner in front passes a target/point say a tree, I’d count how long it took me to pass it … say 6 seconds. Then I’d look for a second marker and start counting and increase my pace so the next marker was 4 or 5 seconds away.  I was doing really well slowly catching them up with renewed energy then at 7.5km my friends had stopped as another runner was struggling with deyhdration so I too stopped to help. The girl’s lips were blue and she was staggering across the path wanting to run on. It was scary seeing her so positive she could carry on running to the end when she was all over the place.  We gave her sports drinks and gels and waited with her until a medic arrived. We all stayed for a little while longer and then we continued with the race and we all ran the last 2.5km together and finished together!

The best and unexpected pleasure was crossing the finish line and finding that my parents and my children had travelled 2 hours to see me finish. What a feeling …. so we celebrated with Hot Chocolate, hog roast bun and cake in the marquee. 


I’d finished the tough hilly course which included a stop to help a fellow runner in 1 hr 8min by the official time (or unofficially 1hr 2 mins by map my run). But it’s better to help a runner rather than go for a time.


Next race is tbc but considering I have ran 5 races since 13 July – 3 x 10k and 2 Half Marathons ..I think a rest may be needed and a few more stamina training sessions are also required!

My running is still fun and ok but it could be better.

I hope your running is good!

Keep on running….


New pb in Half Marathon

I ran 2nd Half Marathons in three weeks and I managed a pb .. !

By the way I have only ran two HM, the Great North Run in 2h 17mins and the Redcar Half Marathon last Sunday in 2hrs 10 mins.

I was exhausted and enotional at the end and I even managed a sprint finish I think  … well it was a sprint finish in my head!

I ran for me, my kids, my late husband Nigel and Kidney Research UK.

Training started on 5 June 2014 and my first race was a 10k on 13 July in 59.51!

Next race is my 5th race overall and my 3rd 10k next weekend.

I love my running and at the moment,  my running is going well. How is your running?


Another Half Marathon, Another 10k

A few days after the Great North Run, I felt a huge downer… I’d completed 2 x 10k and the Great North Run Half Marathon – the goals I’d set for myself for me, my late husband and my children back in June and now there was is focus or goal to keep me going. I could see me drifting, drifting into a deep down spiral of no order, no functioning …  bearly existing!
So I find myself entering two races in the near future … a half marathon 28 September and a 10k on 4 October. I still have to figure out long term goals but I think they will be decided after the next two races…

Got to run, go to live life to the full …

How is your running going?


First recovery run after the half marathon

How on earth did I run a half marathon last weekend …  I have no idea!!!

My first recovery run after the HM was Wednesday. I started slowly I always do… granted it was warm. I looked at my watch and it read 8 minutes and I was strugglying so I took the pace down even further. Just over 10 mins for the first mile. I could not give up – I’d ran for 2 hrs 17 mins last Sunday in the Great North Run! In my head I was saying slow run slow but keep going… my legs felt heavy.

Once I ran past 15 minutes I felt better. In the end I managed 6 miles in 1 hr 3 minutes slowest time for 6 miles but at least I’d ran. Not sure when my next training run will be but I have a 10k on 4 October and possibly another HM end of the month depending upon my next run.  I have to have a goal or two …otherwise I might stop and I don’t want to stop running just yet!


Half Marathon completed!

Great North Run completed 7 September 2014.

My first half marathon and it won’t be my last!

On a hot sunny day I did it in 2 hrs 17 minutes! A had a few sleepless nights before and a few tears during the race but I am so pleased I did it for me, my children, my late husband and for Kidney Research UK.

The day before my children did the Great North Mini (1.5km) and Junior (4km) runs. All in memory of Daddy/my husband, Nigel who died on 1 March 2014. 


It was an emotional weekend but we all loved it.

If anyone wants to donate a £1 or 2 to Kidney Research UK, my page is

I’m hoping to raise £1,650 to celebrate 16.5 years of marriage.

Ps selfie at finish is not great but it is at the finish and I was still standing just!


A new goal/run is needed. I already have a 10k booked on 4 October but I’m also looking for another half marathon.


New PB and can’t stop smiling

Running races for Nigel …

… I ran my second 10k race yesterday at the Gateshead Trail (Tyne & Wear, UK).  I managed to do a pb of 58.27 compared to last month’s race of 59.51 and I can’t stop smiling at my achievement! Even better the medal is a bottle opener as well!


Rest day today then I have to do a long run on Monday or Tuesday as I have the Great North Run (half marathon) on 7 September.

There are 4 girls that run races for different reasons  and we are hoping to enter another 10k on 4 October. My reason is I am running in memory of my late husband (who died on 1.3.14) for Kidney Research UK. I’m hoping to raise £1,650 to celebrate 16 1/2 years of marriage.

Got to keep running!


Rollercoaster ride of emotions

What a mixture of emotions (high and low) I’ve experienced on holiday so far.

Normally in the past you embrace your first experiences .. the first to explore the holiday home, first to jump on the bed (that’s the kids not the adults honest!), first to unpack, first to unwind and switch off from home and the first drink of the hols!

However when you are widowed it’s hard to cope with the firsts on holidays but when you have two children aged 9 and 7 you have to stay strong and put a brave face on most of the time!! You watch their smiling faces while they explore the holiday home all excited so young and so full of energy! 

This year has been full of firsts without Daddy … first
– stay in a hotel …. without daddy
– mother’s day
– first holiday
– first Father’s Day
– first bike ride without stablisers
– first end of school report

..the list is endless!

However the Summer Holidays seem to be worse… the reality hitting home yet again of my life without Nigel the person that knew me inside out!

The running helps but this last week has been hard as I have been unable to run alot … I need that me time when I switch off and think of nothing .. I enjoy the running ..even the bad ones as I know I’ve been out!

A long run is planned for tomorrow … may be 10 miles… but it will be long and slow. I feel the adrenalin begin to flow just thinking about getting on the road.

My next race is Saturday 16 August – my second 10k. It’s a smaller race which I’m looking forward too.

Fingers crossed for my run tomorrow.


Two short runs are better than none on holiday!

On holiday it’s difficult to run …mainly because of the lack of adults (I’m a widow of 5 months).

So after a half a day on the beach and part in and out of the North (Cold!) Sea without a wetsuit,  I decided to do a short run while I had the opportunity of family staying who looked after the kids while I ran.

So a little tired, I set off on a damp and windy afternoon and started to run. I managed just short of 3 miles and completed it in 29 mins with one hill run thrown in. .. it was a bench mark as I did the same run again the day after in 28 mins. Two short runs in two days when I thought I wouldn’t even get time to run on holiday!

So last week I’ve managed 4 runs in total – 4 miles, 9 miles, 2.9 miles and 2.9 miles.

I wonder what this week will hold for training while on holiday…. but it doesn’t matter as I am planning another long run next week …maybe 10 or 10.5 miles!