Goals Galore!

Goals galore have been started this week!  I now have not one but two incentives (or challenges) in the form of races…..

Earlier this week I entered the Bupa Great North 10km which finishes at Gateshead Stadium on 13 July.  

Today, I completed a 28 minute run (approximately just under 3 miles apparently and there was a large hill to climb around half way – it felt more like a mountain!).  That was the first run outside (ie not on a treadmill in a nice cosy gym) in over 10 years! There was no rain or sunshine so that helped a lot and I also needed a friend to run with me as I didn’t think I could do a run without stopping… She kept me going and at the end of the run I felt exhausted but pleased I had finished it without a stop! 28 minutes of non stop running … hopefully the start of many!

My late husband, Nigel said I should run the Great North Run before I reached the grand old age of 50!  I still have a number of years before that deadline but I thought why wait? I should try and do it in 2014 to celebrate Nigel’s Life and for charity.  So I wrote to the Newcastle Journal earlier this week asking if I could take one of the last 100 places for the Great North Run in September and explained why I deserved a place …. and they said YES!!!! 

So I need to up my training a lot now…

For both runs I will be setting up another just giving page as I am running for Kidney Research UK in memory of Nigel. Think he would be speechless first – Nigel, a former journalist, was never lost for words! – and then very proud!

I’m taking the training challenge slowly at first but am now more focussed as I have less than 6 weeks to train for the 10km and 3 months for the Great North Run. 

My reward will be the odd large glass of Shiraz …..just maybe not at the finish line! 


3 thoughts on “Goals Galore!

    • Thank you. Still feel a little nervous about all the training but once I get a few more training sessions done I will feel more confident! Hubby did loads of exercise and was a former sports journalist so I thought it fitting to do the runs to celebrate his life!

      • That seems like a perfect way to celebrate his life and you are absolutely right as you get more training runs in you will become more confident. Most anything is possible when you set your mind to it and follow a plan to achieve it. All the best.

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