BUPA North 10km challenge

I decided on 1 June 2014 to enter the Bupa North 10km Run finishing at Gateshead International Stadium on 13 July 2014. I felt I needed a goal to get back on track with my fitness or should I say kick-starting my fitness! 


Excited because of finishing at the stadium will be a great sense of achievement .. hoping I will finish it!

Nervous because I haven’t run outside for over 10 years! I have done the very odd treadmill run in a nice warm gym a few times but normally for only 10 mins…  My training hasn’t started yet … It starts on Friday so I will have just over 5 weeks to train. 

Another reason I am doing this 10km, is because it’s on my Bucketful Of Daddy’s Brilliant Ideas List… in memory of my late husband. The list is never ending… but so far we (including my children) have done so much to celebrate Daddy’s Life. It’s been hard but it’s one hurdle at a time. 

I have my trainers ready so wish me luck…  X 


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