Family fun & training schedules

FAMILY: Saturday’s are normally busy days for our family and today was no exception ….. play time together (that means no fighting!), homework, cinema trip, fun swimming and if possible a glass of wine for me at the end of the day…… !

The main event was the Amazing Spiderman 2 at the local cinema. The second viewing so far … with the third trip to Spiderman 2 planned in the near future. It’s going to be cheaper to buy the Amazing Spiderman 2 DVD but we have to wait until September for the UK release.

After a quick turnaround we headed to Bannatynes Gym  – the kids love it as it’s fun swimming sessions ie no lessons!  For me, it was a great relaxing (fun) swim which helped my aching legs which were a little stiff from Thursday’s run.  As a reward for being so good (that’s all of us),  the kids had a hot chocolate while I had a small glass of wine in the cafe.

FAMILY DISCUSSIONS: Now that Daddy is no longer here as he is heaven,  my kids advised me that I should not be the only Boss in our family. So a discussion was had by all. The result … Sometimes I can be the main boss but other times they want to be the boss as well…so it was agreed that on some occasions we could all make the decisions … and this was because …. they want their say in our next holiday or trip!

TRAINING: At the beginning of the day,  I received my Bupa 10km training t-shirt (very excited) and now at the end of the day,  I am planning when and where the next training sessions take place as it’s not long until the 10km in Gateshead on 13 July.

Hoping for a longer one on Thursday – 3 miles (that’s long for me!) and a couple of shorter ones one before and one after.

Might even manage a Metafit session as well.

Decisions, decisions! Do I buy a sports watch which does timing and distance or just a waterproof case for my mobile so I can use MapMyRun app. I think the latter for now. In the meantime I’ll use the old fashioned sport- watch that is just a stop watch!


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