Run Run as long as you can!

Distance, Time or Speed..???

Time won this week ..  1 hour and 12 minutes of running .. in the rain… it felt great! However my daughter didn’t think so judging by her thumbs down in the photo!!


The bonus was I ran 6.65 miles!

The fustrating part was I didn’t know the distance until after I had finished cos I accidently changed my settings to speed!

More Metafit sessions done ..just hoping to get out and run tomorrow. ..


More runs .. more metafit = happy times..

Life is good!


New PB and can’t stop smiling

Running races for Nigel …

… I ran my second 10k race yesterday at the Gateshead Trail (Tyne & Wear, UK).  I managed to do a pb of 58.27 compared to last month’s race of 59.51 and I can’t stop smiling at my achievement! Even better the medal is a bottle opener as well!


Rest day today then I have to do a long run on Monday or Tuesday as I have the Great North Run (half marathon) on 7 September.

There are 4 girls that run races for different reasons  and we are hoping to enter another 10k on 4 October. My reason is I am running in memory of my late husband (who died on 1.3.14) for Kidney Research UK. I’m hoping to raise £1,650 to celebrate 16 1/2 years of marriage.

Got to keep running!


Two short runs are better than none on holiday!

On holiday it’s difficult to run …mainly because of the lack of adults (I’m a widow of 5 months).

So after a half a day on the beach and part in and out of the North (Cold!) Sea without a wetsuit,  I decided to do a short run while I had the opportunity of family staying who looked after the kids while I ran.

So a little tired, I set off on a damp and windy afternoon and started to run. I managed just short of 3 miles and completed it in 29 mins with one hill run thrown in. .. it was a bench mark as I did the same run again the day after in 28 mins. Two short runs in two days when I thought I wouldn’t even get time to run on holiday!

So last week I’ve managed 4 runs in total – 4 miles, 9 miles, 2.9 miles and 2.9 miles.

I wonder what this week will hold for training while on holiday…. but it doesn’t matter as I am planning another long run next week …maybe 10 or 10.5 miles!


Back on track!

With a couple of physio sessions on my neck this week, I decided I had to do a long slow run in preparation for the Great Nort Run and the second 10k race.

Ten days ago I managed 7.8 miles but have struggled to increase the distance. So instead of a circular route, I decided for a there and back route. 4.5 miles there and 4.5 miles back equals 9 miles!  It was mid-day, the weather was not too warm or cold but a little breezey.

I set off with the phrase long and slow etched in my mind and for the first 10 minutes I was fine then I began to get a stitch so I reduced the speed for 5 minutes – that helped! I was running comfortably on a slight incline which meant I would be running slightly down hill on the way back!  I did the first 4.5 miles in 47 minutes .. long and slow! I then thought I should increase the speed a little on my return which I did! I ran the whole of the 9.02 miles in 1:28.27 and finally felt back on form!

The next long run won’t be for awhile as I’m on holiday so I will be concentrating on shorter runs or exercises. Just the kids and me now on holiday so I can’t leave them home alone while I go running! So I will be running in the park or on the beach while they have fun in the sun beside me!