Yet another first in my widow’s journey!

Yet another first in this dark journey into the unknown (for me) journey of widow-hood! Friday 22 August is my late husband’s birthday. The first birthday without him.

The children and I agreed to give each other presents on special days to do with Daddy. So Grandma took my kids shopping on Tuesday and they bought me flowers from each of them.


The plain white roses from my son and the mixed flowers from my daughter.

Apparently the other presents they  bought have been hidden in the house.


We did the same for father’s day earlier this year.

I still have to wrap their presents but instead of feeling sad we will remember Daddy and happy times and the presents will be a distraction  even though it will be a hard emotional day where I have to find more inner strength. (So glad I started running as this has helped me a lot.)

I made a decision to go away with the kids on my husband’s birthday as I didn’t want to be home all day. However I had planned to go to Europe but I decided it was too much for me emotionally so we are going to a place only 1 hour away from home for the Bank Holiday weekend to remember Daddy and to have fun as that’s what’s on Daddy’s Bucket List. . to have fun!