7 months today and counting

The first of every month is a constant reminder of an anniversary I don’t want to remember.

My late husband died on 1st March 2014 and for this year of firsts it is so hard as each month begins.

I find myself hoping each first of the month flies by …but it never does.

Today the children and I spoke about having Memory Bears made out of Daddy’s shirts … they think it’s a grest idea.

Amy wants a Memory Bear made out of Daddy’s lovely pink shirts. Charles wants his Memory Bear made out of Daddy’s Blue shirts while I will have Stripey Shirts.

These Bears are being made with love for Christmas and so we will have beautiful Memory Bears made from Daddy’s shirts to cuddle.

Memories are so important but sometimes we forget so these Bears will compliment Daddy’s Clay Hand/Palm models which we all received on Daddy’s Birthday 22 August, so we can hold Daddy’s hand whenever we want to …

Goodnight and sweet dreams x