Happy Motivation Monday .. To clean or to clean! 

The house has gone to pot – just like my pot leg!!😉 

My cat loves my company during the day… he demands cuddles, food, water and playtime on tap … on his terms!  

Music can change your mind … so I have it blasting in the background, something upbeat! I have also arranged for  cleaners to come in once a week .. starting today! I am sorting out clean bedding for them to put them on the beds… you try putting bedding on, on one leg without falling several times on to the bed.

Starting out on a positive on a Monday – putting clean washed clothes out on the bottom step so they carry them up stairs for me for starters. It’s getting on top of tidiness and cleaniness at my home that makes me think better and clearer. 

Never going to take for granted .. carrying tea into another room, going upstairs or downstairs with clothes in your hand, unpacking and putting groceries away, taking the bins, driving to the shop to get cornflakes for your kids. With crutches or on a wheelchair is some what trickier.

Life with a broken ankle/non weight bearing pot is hard .. and tiring. So I have to stay postive, have mini realistic goals, keep my upper body fit and have a tidier house. 

Music on, a strong cuppa (tea) made, feeling thankful .. another start of the week. 

Happy Motivation Monday Everyone. Love from Ginger the Cat. . And the cat’s owner. 😃😃


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