Board games galore ..

Housebound on your own is hard …however housebound with kids is harder….  

Never realised before ..  or I took it for granted .. as each weekend I took the kids out. Due to broken ankle I can’t drive … so rely on friends to pop in or take us out. 

Today the kids and I have had brekkie together, watched some of their films, had pancakes,  made meals, played games and laughed alot!  

The first game was Mr Twister … I was the spinner cos I didn’t want to break my other ankle!  Suduko was hard … my daughter was better at it than me.  The next game was Frustration. .. having to wait for a six to start or being landed on when you were close to hope was … well .. frustrating but a lot of fun!!  

I also did my exercises … so pleased with myself. Step count low… painkillers taken but on a lower dosage.

Tomorrow games apparently are Monopoly, chess and word searches. Hopefully a friend will take the kids swimming and I am hoping to get out too for a coffee. Might even brave it and leave the wheelchair behind and take my crutches! 

Be thankful for friends, family and your health. 😃


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