New Goals due to broken ankle 

I wanted to do so much this year but breaking my ankle in December changed all that.. 

Leg still in plaster. . I had been running through the winter for the first time .. oh well . 
Need to stay focused and more importantly positive… so baby steps and realistic goals…

Third day wearing my Garmin watch … step count is so low!!  Think it will be a very long time before it’s back up to 10+k

I feel exhausted doing nothing! 

So new goals are 

1. Keep wearing the garmin watch and monitor the steps … be realistic in a wheelchair and on crutches it’s not going to be high ..but that is ok! 👟

2. Keeping doing the daily leg and upper exercises .. might even get a six pack at this rate .. I can dream 😉

3. No day time TV allowed!  Wonder if Neighbours is still on TV!?! 😬

4. Do not make one off/bad or hard day into two off days or even a week.. it’s ok to have an off day. 😎

5. More online deliveries .. regular Sainsbury deliveries sorted .. oops bought a cordless vacuum cleaner too so exciting not but so practical when on crutches,  I don’t want to break my other leg 😉.. wish I’d bought trainers instead. 🍉🍞🍽

6. Listen to music more often … 🎧🎶🎵 but don’t sing out loud otherwise the neighbours may complain. Forgotten how great music makes you feel. 

7. Keep on smiling 😃😎😍

8. Always wear lippy.. 💄

9. Appreciate your health and never take it for granted. Be thankful … 

10. Be a glass half full type of person rather than a glass half empty person  🍷

Now better unpack the Sainsbury delivery…  


Ps I know it’s a random photo but its from happy healthy times on holiday watching the sun go down… always brings a smile to my face. X 


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