Broken Ankle …

Tough end to 2017 and a tough beginning in 2018….. 

15 December 2017 .. 8.05am to be precise … I slipped on black ice while I put the bin out. I broke my ankle.. 

In hospital for 

– 10 days, 

– 1 manipulation heavily sedated 

– 1 manipulation under anesthetic

– 1 operation to add metal work to ankle

– 4 plaster / pot leg which included 2 white plastered leg pots and 1 purple sparkly pot and 1 red sparkly pot to date (coloured pots were post post hospital stay)

– 4 wards, 

– 3 out of 4 or was it 4 out 5 nights were nil my mouth from midnight ..just in case the swelling went down on my ankle for them to operate.

– loads of wonderful nhs nurses 

– several attempts at getting bloods.. apparently my veins are good or I don’t like people taking my blood.

– discharged 6pm on 24 December..

– but on the postive side I was at my mum’s house with loved ones to celebrate Christmas Day. 

– New Year’s Eve .. 10 pin bowling was fun and a bit of a challenge.

So no running for me just yet!! But may have bought jazzy fitness trousers in anticipation. 

Long hard journey I am on.. house bound and relying on friends to help but surviving ..on one pot leg and one ok leg! 

Surviving on no running allowed… 


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