First recovery run after the half marathon

How on earth did I run a half marathon last weekend …  I have no idea!!!

My first recovery run after the HM was Wednesday. I started slowly I always do… granted it was warm. I looked at my watch and it read 8 minutes and I was strugglying so I took the pace down even further. Just over 10 mins for the first mile. I could not give up – I’d ran for 2 hrs 17 mins last Sunday in the Great North Run! In my head I was saying slow run slow but keep going… my legs felt heavy.

Once I ran past 15 minutes I felt better. In the end I managed 6 miles in 1 hr 3 minutes slowest time for 6 miles but at least I’d ran. Not sure when my next training run will be but I have a 10k on 4 October and possibly another HM end of the month depending upon my next run.  I have to have a goal or two …otherwise I might stop and I don’t want to stop running just yet!


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