A positive experience on my late husband’s birthday?

Thinking of my late husband everyday but more so on Friday 22 August his birthday.

Daddy’s Bucket List – buy each other presents on Daddy’s special days ie his  Birthday – COMPLETED!

The kids woken up excited about giving me their presents on Daddy’s Birthday. We had to go into the Living Room because that’s where we always open birthday presents in our household!

They bought me a big bag of Minstrels (Daddy always bought me Minstrels, Amy Rolos and Charles Mars Bar as little treats!) and Solar lights for the garden not forgetting the flowers from a few days before. 

Grandpa and Grandma bought me a bottle of Champagne for drinking later!  However I think I will keep this for after the Great North Run to celebrate with family (adults not children!) as drinking the whole bottle in one go might be a little over the top even for me!

I bought Charles Vulture,  a spiderman enemy, blue running bottle (for Great North Run training as we are all running for Daddy on the GNR weekend!) and a Mars Bar.

Amy received My Little Pony, Rolos and a pink running bottle.

Special presents were clay hand print shapes of Daddy’s hand for our memory boxes so if we are happy or sad, we can then hold Daddy’s hand for comfort. We had a long special hold before putting them into our memory boxes.

(I was never very good at art at school but the Daddy’s hand shapes are ok, not wonderful but are from the heart  and it’s very creative by my standards! They were made by me the day before he left us ..I was saving them for a special day.)

I wanted to be away on his birthday and we arrived at Haggerston Castle Caravan Park, Northumberland mid afternoon for the weekend.   First we finished unpacking and then we explored.

That night I had a glass of wine ..it was going to be Champagne but the venue only sold champagne by the bottle not glass (I got that wrong!) to celebrate my late husband’s birthday. .

So as a family, we watched Disney’s Little Mermaid and ate pop corn in Daddy’s honour.

Always in our thoughts … Remember we love to the Moon and back. X 💖


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