Two short runs are better than none on holiday!

On holiday it’s difficult to run …mainly because of the lack of adults (I’m a widow of 5 months).

So after a half a day on the beach and part in and out of the North (Cold!) Sea without a wetsuit,  I decided to do a short run while I had the opportunity of family staying who looked after the kids while I ran.

So a little tired, I set off on a damp and windy afternoon and started to run. I managed just short of 3 miles and completed it in 29 mins with one hill run thrown in. .. it was a bench mark as I did the same run again the day after in 28 mins. Two short runs in two days when I thought I wouldn’t even get time to run on holiday!

So last week I’ve managed 4 runs in total – 4 miles, 9 miles, 2.9 miles and 2.9 miles.

I wonder what this week will hold for training while on holiday…. but it doesn’t matter as I am planning another long run next week …maybe 10 or 10.5 miles!


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