Not a good start to the morning

At 6.17am I woke to a crashing sound in the house. Initially I thought it was one of the kids waking up very early on a non school holiday.

Another little reminder that my late husband is no longer here as he would have been up investigating the noise. So it had to be me to find the source of the noise. In fact it was a large magpie  in the house struggling to escape through the open window. I helped him out of the window and he happily flew to freedom to his partner.

Both kids slept in much later non the wiser to my lively wake up call.

I couldn’t go back to sleep so I thought I would get up and tidy up… no point resting! As I emptied the dishwasher I hit my ankle on the corner of it … ouch! A nice little bruise is starting to come through.

Late morning we went for a coffee and my son spilt his full cup of water over my daughter. I thought they would fight …  For once lady luck was on my side as I was in Asda Living and I dashed to buy a t-shirt and leggings for her. Amy said to Charles, ‘It’s a good job you spilt water on me because I now have a lovely t-shirt with a horse on it – Thanks Mummy and Charles.’  Both kids are happy playing while I have a large coffee as I need caffine for the afternoon.

The sun is shining and I am going home to have fun in the sun in the garden with the kids and paddling pool….


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