Training continues for the Great North Run

Gateshead Race Day 13 July is truely over! I was exhausted, overjoyed and and an emotional wreck all at the same time in the evening of the race.

I allowed myself 1 day rest and then ran another 10k (just a normal run and not a race) on the Tuesday…and I managed to do it in  just over 58 mins. The race was completed in 59:51 so I had improved my 10k time unofficially! And that’s when I decided I would enter another 10k b4 the Great North Run Half Marathon! So on 16 August I will be competing in The Gateshead Trail!

I ran 7.02 miles in 1hr 15 minutes in the heat today with a few slight inclines which was hard work and while on holiday at the weekend I ran 7.86 in 1hr 13 mins and 5.6 miles in I think c.53 mins.

I have a training plan but it’s hard to stick to it when you are jugglying your time with holidays, kids, work, childcare especially when you have been recently widowed. But I am getting there…. slowly!

I love the feeling when I run. I tottally switch off! It’s my only me time.

So I must keep on running…. it’s also on  Nigel’s and Daddy’s Bucket List ..Mummy to get fit and stay fit.


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