Fathers Day without Daddy

The first Fathers Day without my husband was hard but we survived the day!

My 7yo said why dont we buy each other presents on Fathers Day and Daddy’s birthday….so we did!

My two children bought me a heart shaped cushion to hang on the door of Daddy’s Den, solar powered white and dragonfly garden lights which are beautiful! Also I had a Mothers Day card instead of a Fathers Day. They went on the shopping trip with Grandma to buy them all which I was so grateful of. They hid the presents in the house on Saturday night.

I bought them:  
– ‘I love Daddy’ mugs so each time they have a drink they can think of Daddy
– Balloons and ribbons for us to write messages and then float them up to heaven so Daddy can read them. We wrote the messages on Sunday but there was no wind so we had great fun playing with the balloons. I will buy a helium balloon this week and we will release it later.
– pads and pens to draw or write about our family or to make up stories.
– small pool table for the garage for fun times and also Daddy liked playing pool
– DVDs cos Daddy loved watching DVDs with us and eating pop corn

We spent the morning playing pool and watching DVDs, afternoon with family and early evening playing with the balloons.


When the day was finally over I had a glass of wine … a good shiraz …because we all more than survived the emotional day without Nigel.


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