End of week 5 & Father’s Day

End of week 5 to my 10km Run in Gateshead… and I’ve trained really hard this week. Three c.28 min and 2.7 miles runs Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and then a hard metafit session today Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be rest days…thankfully as I am strugglying with hayfever.

Fathers Day is fast approaching – the first without  my husband / Daddy. Charles aged 9 has made me a card but changed the words to Mother instead of Father.  My youngest Amy aged 7 came up with a great idea to celebrate Fathers Day. We all have to buy each other a present because we can’t give a present to Daddy. So simple. So tomorrow my children are going shopping with Grandma to buy present for me. I’ve already got a couple presents and cards for them. We will be with family during the afternoon so we still need to figure out what will happen in the morning.

Just need to get through this weekend….


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