Memory keepsake

After my husband’s Celebration of Life* church service in March,  I wanted a memento from the day. So on automatic pilot, I had organised for the three deep red roses taken into church to be made into paperweights. Three for my two children and I.

The paperweights arrived recently and I was amazed how well they looked.
However the photographer (that’s me!) wasn’t very good but you can see how they look.



I also have a glass paper weight from my wedding bouquet 16 years ago which holds so many happy memories.  Never did I think that 16 years later I would be using my husband’s funeral flowers for a paperweight…

We are unsure where they belong … so they are on the mantelpiece surrounded by photographs of all of us.  Once we change one of our rooms into Daddy’s Den,  I think we will place them in there along with the memory boxes, photos and drawings by the kids (and TV!).

* Celebration of Life – I felt it best to explain to my children it was a  Celebration of Life rather just a funeral service … and that was one the first of many things we have done to celebrate his life.. others have included simple things like cuddles, be nice to each other, a stay in a hotel with a swimming pool to a holiday in a caravan. However the next one will be Father’s Day this Sunday which will be hard for all of us.


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